Tree Services

Green Waste Recycling

Here at Ironjack Recycling Our team of experienced grinder operators will get that pile of green waste you have stored there mulched up with our diamond z 1352 tub grinder or our Vermeer 8000tk horizontal grinder on tracks giving you the best product to resell or use on site (mulch can also be arranged to be removed from site).

Land Clearing
Ironjack Recycling is leading the way in land clearing today with our fleet of dozers which gives us the advantage of getting the timber on the ground faster and raked up for a tidy job. Then our fleet of excavators come in after the dozers and shear/downsize the timber/trees for a faster grinding time and a quicker start to finish job time. Here at Ironjack Recycling we also have a fleet of trucks to move/float our machines around from job to job and also remove mulch from site if it is required.

Tree Lopping
Here at Ironjack Recycling we work close with advance tree lopping together we can provide you with the right equipment to get your trees on the ground safely we have climbers, cherry pickers a variety of chippers big and small for all jobs and can provide a Bobcat to feed the chipper and clean up.

Stump Grinding

Here at Ironjack Recycling we have the solution for all your tree problems if we can’t remove the stump we give you the option to stump grind it, as no one likes to see a stump sticking out of the ground we will grind it down about 6 inches (can go deeper) to leave a job that looks like the tree was never there.

Mulch Sales

Ironjack Recycling also offer a verity of chippers and mulchers for prices. Please feel free to contact us.

Millable Timber Retrieval

Ironjack Recycling have a variety of machinery to complete whatever task in the logging industry whether it be on a forestry pine/hardwood plantation or the removal of logs off a land clearing site we have the complete package for your needs.