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Welcome to Ironjack Recycling

Ironjack Recycling Pty Ltd specializes in environmental land clearing for a wide range of projects involving vegetation clearing. While based in Logan Village, we are nationally mobile throughout Australia and have successfully completed projects in N.S.W, Northern Queensland, South East Queensland, Victoria, and N.T.

Our advantage over other clearing services is the implementation of eco-friendly alternative clearing techniques which enable us to work efficiently with no burning and little or no disturbance to the soil or surroundings.

We can provide everything from environmental management plans, consulting services, landowner liaising, tree fellers, access towers, erosion control, traffic management, millable timber retrieval, tree removal, stump grinding, re-vegetation and mulch removal if required in our tree lopping/land clearing services in Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, North QLD and Queensland. And for your convenience, all timber is mulched on site. We engage in across-the-board activities and tree services that include land clearing, tree lopping, stump grinding, mulch removal, plant hire (both wet and dry), low loader hire and much more.

Ironjack Recycling’s equipment is specialized high horsepower forestry machines specifically designed for mastication/ mulching and chipping of all types of vegetation regardless of size or density. IJR is one of the few clearing companies experienced with government wetland conservation, Department of Defence military base property restoration and Dump Facilities.

At Ironjack Recycling Pty Ltd, we have the knowledge and expertise to accomplish even the most demanding jobs. Our trained personnel are highly experienced in a variety of terrain, habitat and weather conditions, and we set the standard for excellence and customer service within our industry by providing only the highest quality service, equipment, and personnel for every project we undertake, we have over two decades on the job experience.., no matter how large or small If you are looking for land clearing services in the Queensland or even the Gold Coast area, reach out to Ironjack Recycling.

At Ironjack Recycling Pty Ltd, we pride ourselves on working safely onsite. All our staff uses appropriate personal protective equipment and clothing where necessary. They all have the required safety training and knowledge to correctly operate all our equipment in a safe manner. Our equipment is checked and maintained on a regular basis.

Ironjack Recycling is more than a general contractor we strive to be a strategic partner and trusted ally, delivering a good experience and outstanding results and clearing the foundation for success.

Over the years we have been the choice for numerous Property Owners and Municipalities delivering exceptional land clearing that is about more than just great job-site performance.  We care about your project and the goals you have in mind.

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